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Milkman Beard Bib/Apron White (Waterproof)

(2 customer reviews)

High quality Beard bib by Milkman (top Aussie brand) that can save you trouble of cleaning the mess after shave or trim. Your hair trimming session doesn’t have to be messy, in fact it can be fun. Get it here at Urbane Man – Australia’s leading Men’s grooming online store.

  • Please note the images are to give you an idea & may be slightly different than original product. 
  • HOW TO USE Beard Bib: Use this beard bib or apron while shaving or trimming your beard as shown in the image. It is super easy to use. Put one end to the mirror (the hooks) and other end (the Velcro) around your neck. Start trimming and all your facial hairs will fall on this apron instead of going everywhere.
  • After the use, gently take it off, and angle the apron to the bin to remove the hairs. As this beard bib is made of nylon smooth waterproof surface, hairs fall off easily without sticking to the apron. The mirror end (hooks) can be left to the mirror if you like for quick use next time or take it off as you wish.
  • No More Mess after beard trimming or shaving. 🙂
  • TEST RESULTS: We (Urbane Man team) have personally been using/testing it for the last 6 months and didn’t have any issues.
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE: Our products are loved across Australia. At Urbane Man, you will see a great selection of  Men’s grooming products hand picked by our expert team. This website is secure and has a fast checkout process.

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Pack Includes:

1 Beard Bib/Apron

1 zip bag/Pouch (as shown in pics)

2 reviews for Milkman Beard Bib/Apron White (Waterproof)

  1. Luke H

    This is life saver really! My sink used to be crazy messy after beard trimming which I do every third day or so ..this apron helps catch all of them now. I am so glad I decided to purchase it. Made my life little easier.

  2. Susan

    I decided to buy it for my husband after my gf told me about it, so I don’t have to clean up after him 🙂 Its working well so far. Good quality product.

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