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Dear Barber Beard Balm – 30ml


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Dear Barber Beard Balm was specially formulated to allow bearded gentlemen to indulge in luxury grooming every day in their own home. This balm is ideal for taming the beard, making shaping and styling significantly easier, whilst simultaneously conditioning the hair to leave it in tip-top condition.

Whatever the length and style of your beard, Dear Barber Beard Balm smoothes flyaways and unruly hairs, offering light styling and hold. Meanwhile a myriad of nourishing ingredients including shea butter, oat oil, and beeswax hydrate and soften the beard, leaving it with an attractive healthy sheen and a softer feel.

Conditioning ingredients also penetrate through the beard to target the skin below, which can often become dry.

Applying Dear Barber Beard Balm couldn’t be easier. Rub a small amount between your palms to activate the ingredients, before working the balm into your beard evenly from root to tip and shaping and styling your way.

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