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Beard Bib

Looking For Beard Bib? At Urbane Man, you can buy best quality beard bib that can help you avoid making a mess. 

Grooming facial hair can be messy and time consuming.You finish shaving, pleased with your clean, fresh look and then realise your sink and surrounding area is full of mess.

Good news is that now you can avoid the task of cleaning up after grooming your facial hair. Thanks to the revolutionary product – beard bib.

A beard bib reduces manual cleanup and allows for an easy disposal.

Beard bib catches ALL your Beard, Moustache and hair trimmings to allow an easy disposal. No Mess, No Clogged Drains, NO MORE CLEANING. 

How It Works?

One end of the Beard Bib ties around your neck, while the other end attaches to your mirror. Now when you cut or trim your beard then beard bib will catch all those tiny hair bits. This makes it super easy to clean up. Simply take off beard bib and throw the hairs in bin. It saves a lot of time and hassle. Beard bib is a must for every bearded men.

Get yours NOW! Delivered Across Australia.