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Manicure and Pedicure tips for Men

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In the fast-changing world of life styling, urbane men are making an unwritten history. They are motivated to beautify themselves and enjoy life. Urbane men seek new ways to groom themselves, and included in it is hair styling, skincare, manicure, and pedicure. Besides your face, it is the hands and feet that should appear attractive to the onlookers, and urbane men look forward to pedicure and manicure by being regular visitors to unisex salons. Here are a few grudging manicure and pedicure tips to adhere for appealing hands and feet:


Manicure Tips for Men

Does manicuring require plenty of workouts? Well, this may seem psychological, but definitely, if you follow these tips, there is absolutely no hard work to go with the manicure.



It is essential to clip the white part of the nail and make sure that only one nail is clipped at a time. If you keep extra clips around the nail, there will be hanging nails, which ultimately means extreme discomfort.



Use a systematic filing method to give a cleaner and more sophisticated look to the nail. More importantly, the filing should be done delicately in the manner that pain is not felt.



Before you perform the manicure procedures, you have to keep a large bowl of lukewarm water. The size of the bowl should be such that you can easily soak the hands in it without causing any discomfort. The idea here is that the hands fit inside the bowl.



After the hands been soaked and then dried and cleaned by patting with a soft towel, you need to brush and scrub the nails in a gentle manner. This is primarily done to get rid of grime, or any kind of dirt and also the loose skin. It is important that you are selecting a nail brush that has soft bristles such that your nails, as well as the skin underneath, is not hurt.



Make sure you clean under the nails in a gentle way. Out here it is recommended that you make use of a specialized metal manicure stick, which helps in removing the dirt and grime efficiently. It is always better that you do not use pointed manicure sticks while cleaning the nails as this is going to hurt you really bad.



It is also quite important that you have high-quality nail clippers, and this is where the stainless-steel clippers do the job. Make a note that your thumb does not slip off while you are in the process of clipping your nails. You do not have to overdo the manicure procedures, or everything will go against your wish.



Do not trim your nails such that it becomes too short and clipping becomes just next to impossible. Moreover, excessive trimming is going to bring out the nail bed along with it there is soreness too. The situation becomes complicated.



It is also important that you are filing the nails in one direction, instead of rubbing back and forth. In this way, your nails will have cleaner and well-bred shape.



Do not over hydrate the hands, or else, while filing your nails, it will appear slippery. The condition becomes terrible and you can also get hurt.


Pedicure Tips for Men 

While pedicuring, men need to take good care of the cuticles, hydration, and nails of the feet. The nails of feet do not grow as quickly as that of the hands. Therefore, you may not require to cut your nails. Here are a few pedicure tips useful for urbane men:



Before pedicuring, you need to soak your feet by immersing them in a bathtub or bucket, which contains lukewarm water. In this manner, all the dead skin of the feet will be removed gently. If dead skin is not removed it will lead to the accumulation of harmful bacteria and other fungi.



You need to keep the feet soaked for at least 15 to 20 minutes. It is also suggested that natural body wash is poured into the bathtub as this would help in creating an overwhelmingly great aromatic experience.



Do not try to get through a quick pedicure procedure as this may harm your feet or the phalanges. You may also be caught in some kind of traumatic situation.



You should only clip the white part and not the whole area of the nail. By using extra clips around the nail will result in a situation where your nails will hang. Make sure you are using the file in a systematic way to create a smooth effect.



If there is any cuticle, it should be cut gently and slowly. Remove any extra cuticle out there with the help of a cuticle cutter. Do not rip off the extra cuticle as this is going to cause profuse bleeding, swelling, and even soreness.



Scrub your feet with either the men’s scrub or maybe even with a foot file. If there is any wound underneath your feet, do not follow this procedure as your situation may get aggravated. It is better to leave the area dry and clear.



Manicure and pedicure options for urbane men have grown up and up in recent years, and moreover, with every changing day, there are new ways to beautify hands and feet. With the manicure and pedicure tips listed here, urbane men have more advantages than could be found anywhere else.

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