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Milkman Grooming Co

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Australia-based men’s grooming company Milkman Grooming Co has quickly built up a large customer base and a reputation as one of the best beard brands around. But what is it that makes this brand so popular? Read on to find out all you need to know about Milkman Grooming Co.

How Milkman Grooming Co began

Milkman Grooming Co was founded in Sydney by Dr. Ben De Campo, a former scientist who had since turned to a career in law, along with his wife Jacqueline. His passion for science along with a desire to create something useful using raw materials led him to leave law behind to formulate a range of men’s beard products with a focus on natural ingredients.

Milkman Grooming Co began in 2014 when beards were gaining popularity, and Dr. Ben De Campo was sporting one himself. He was experiencing itchiness and discomfort as so many bearded gentlemen do, and he found that there weren’t many products out there to help. However, he knew that he had the skills to create them.

Due to his scientific experience and background, Dr. Ben de Campo was able to create products with a precise scientific formulation, with every single ingredient serving an essential purpose in the grooming routine.

The name Milkman Grooming Co came from the realisation that the days of the milkman are now from an era gone by. Furthermore, the milkman represents someone convenient, reliable, and trustworthy, and these were characteristics that aligned with the brand.

The name is also a nod to the phrase: ‘looks like the milkman’s son’, which suggests that the milkman is desirable. This is how the founders want users of their products to feel.

Dr. Ben de Campo began by formulating the first Milkman Beard Oil to reduce itchiness, hydrate the hair and skin, and leave the beard smelling delightful. The range then expanded to include the world’s first 2 in 1 foaming Beard Shampoo and Conditioner, and then the first Milkman beard balm.

Whilst Milkman Grooming Co initially focused on beard care products, they soon expanded into moustaches and shaving, keeping the same high-quality standards that they have become known for. There are also plans to expand further into men’s hair care and body care in the near future.

Milkman Grooming Co products

It has always been a goal of Milkman Grooming Co to provide products of unrivalled quality to cater to all facial hair requirements. That’s why, amongst their products, you will find shave gels, shave serums, moustache wax, beard washes, beard balms, and beard oils, as well as scissors, combs, and more.

The aim is to keep your facial hair healthy and looking fabulous whatever the shape, size, or style.

Milkman products contain a large amount of nourishing Australian botanicals, such as Jojoba, Bees Wax, Sandalwood, and Lemon Myrtle. The team behind the brand love using these high-quality natural Australian ingredients, which are extremely beneficial for the facial hair and the skin.

Innovative flavours

Aside from the top quality products and natural ingredients, another factor in Milkman’s popularity is the creative flavours. Their excellent beard oils come in three signature scents: Citrus Supernova, Chai Latte, and King of Wood – a deeply masculine fragrance characterised by notes of cedarwood and sandalwood, with a touch of spice and bay laurel.

However, they also release exciting limited-edition flavours throughout the year. Furthermore, Milkman offers the Furiously Nude range for those who prefer their beard products unscented.

Whilst these diverse scents can be seen across various Milkman Grooming Co products, there are some other flavours involved as well.

When the bearded community asked for a vanilla-scented beard product, Milkman brought us the Spiced Vanille Beard balm. The irresistible sweetness of vanilla is given a masculine twist with sophisticated spicy notes added in, and the result is astounding.

What we love most about all of these incredible fragrances, is that with Milkman products the scent lingers on the beard for several hours after application. However, it’s not just the wonderful smells that make Milkman stand out.

Thanks to the natural high-quality ingredients and expert formulation, Milkman Grooming Co products do exactly what we want them to. They are nourishing, moisturising, and cleansing. They eliminate itchiness and discomfort by targeting the skin under the beard, and leave the facial hair soft and healthy. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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