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4 Way Millennials are Transforming the Male Grooming Industry

4 Way Millennials are Transforming the Male Grooming Industry

male groomingMen’s grooming is a rapidly expanding market, and millennials are a driving factor behind many cultural shifts and new product ideas across the industry. Here are 4 ways millennial men are changing the face of personal grooming.

1.  The rise in personal care

Once almost exclusively marketed at women, skin-care products such as facial masks and anti-aging cream are becoming increasingly popular among men. Recent studies reveal that approximately 24% of Australian men aged under 25 and 26% of men aged 25-34 used a face maskface scrub, and moisturiser for men. Even BB cream for men is getting popular among men. Of the men who use skin care products, the highest consumption is among 25-34 year olds, with over 27% purchasing facial moisturiser and 31% purchasing body lotion.

Brands are expanding their product lines beyond what is considered traditional men’s grooming products, such as deodorants and razors, to launch skin care ranges and speciality hair care products.

It is still the case that men are using skincare products at a much lower rate than women, but the popularity of cleaners, creams and moisturisers continues to grow  among men across all age brackets.


2. Grooming Trends

The grooming habits of men in the millennial age bracket are having a key influence on the market.

The facial hair trends that are especially popular among younger generations of men show no signs of fading out any time soon. The resurgence of beards, goatees and sideburns has opened up the market to a flood of speciality beard products such as beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, moustache wax and new products like beard bib.

More millennial men are opting for beard shampoo designed specifically for facial hair, as well as hair care products- such as beard wax and beard balm – to help style their beards and keep their facial hair healthy. Even products like hand cream for men are not very uncommon now.

Younger generations of men have also helped shape the transformation of barber shops, many of which now offer styling, shaving, skincare products and manicures.


3. New Technologies

If there’s one thing that can be said about millennials it’s that they love to stay in the loop about new innovations, and this is no different when it comes to grooming. While this marrying of tech and grooming has brought about new and improved everyday personal care products, such as the introduction of smart toothbrushes and anti-mark antiperspirants, it has also paved the way for ‘grooming gadgets’ such as IPL hair removal devices and sonic facial cleansers.

Though there will be some inventions that don’t catch on, the tech-savvy generation continue to imagine new ways to incorporate gadgets and developments in science into their grooming routines.


4. Identity and Lifestyle Marketing

For the latest generation of brand leaders and consumers, what is being sold is not merely a collection of products, but a lifestyle. The recent boom in the men’s grooming and cosmetics is largely attributable to ideal of the modern, well-groomed and image-conscious man as an ideal that so many men in that age bracket identify with and strive to be associated with.

While in the past men may have been stigmatised for spending a lot of time and money on personal grooming, young men today are embracing these new additions to their grooming routines and openly taking pride and care in their appearance.

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