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Milkman Beard Beast Comb


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The Milkman Beard Beast Comb is ideal for all of your beard combing needs. The comb is made from durable matte black Bakelite plastic, and it measures 195mm by 50mm. It is perfect for daily use on the beard and moustache as well as the hair on your scalp.

What’s excellent about the Milkman Beard Beast Comb is that it has thick teeth on one end, and fine teeth on the other. Those thicker teeth will detangle even the most unruly of beards, gliding through beards short and long with ease.

The finer teeth on the other side of the comb are perfect for styling beards and moustaches of all shapes and sizes, as well as the hair on your scalp. Your hair will be left healthy, clean, and tangle free. Not to mention, the Milkman Beard Beast Comb also helps to soften the hair.

If you’re looking for a product that can tackle all of your combing needs, this is it.


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