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Australia’s Metro Men – Grooming Trends

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Australia metro men

How much time do you give each day to maintain yourself? Do you have any set schedule or time where you would spend time on your own well being and grooming?

We take care of things we own like our car, house and furniture but forget our own body. Just like other things in our life, our body needs regular care too. We try to read and learn about how to take care of things we own but are we spending enough time to learn about staying healthy, well groomed and organised?

Even though many Australian men still do not care much about it, there are men who do care a lot about their health, body, looks, style and more. According to a recent study by comparison site Mozo, Aussies spend upward of $32 billion a year on their looks, with men forking out an average of $125 a month, which isn’t far behind women who spend an average of $167 a month.

Mozo’s 2017 lifestyle habits survey found that 1 in 5 Australian men are now purchasing and using make-up. Major online stores like Urbane Man makes it easier to purchase these products with a single click. At website, you will find plenty of tips and education articles for men health, grooming, and other tips about using men grooming products such as hair products,  best beard oil Australiabeard balmbeard wax and more.

Beard grooming kit is also a popular product among Aussie men as you get all beard grooming products in one package. Eye cream for men is a popular product too. “We’re seeing a growing trend of men wearing make-up. Whether it’s concealing dark circles under the eyes or hiding a blemish, men want to look good and put their best face forward. With the rise of selfies and constant social media updates, it’s not just women who are feeling pressure to look good,” says Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont.

Men who regularly use these products know all about how to use and which one to use but if you are new to them then don’t worry. There are plenty of online blogs and videos about using above mentioned men products. You can also keep a check on our regular weekly blogs on our website to learn more about men’s health, body care and more.

There are myriad of benefits of taking care of yourself and grooming regularly. People do judge with the way you look. If you regularly maintain yourself then people do see you as a well-groomed and successful man. You can create a good impression at work, family and friends. Not to mention, if you are dating then it is a big plus point for you to impress your girl. Women love a well-groomed man because they see such men as well-disciplined men. Women believe that life is more stable and less hassle with the man who is more disciplined. Hence, as a well-groomed man, your chances are higher to find the love of your life.

In the end, it is not just about impressing others but also about feeling good about yourself. When you are healthy, well groomed and well dressed then you get confidence in everything you do. It keeps you happy and motivated which is important for a happy and successful life.

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