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6 Skin Care Tips for Men

6 Skin Care Tips for Men

A growing number of men are taking pride in the health of their skin and incorporating skincare products into their everyday routine. This should be no surprise – skin care products have helped women reduce blemishes and fight signs of aging- and men can enjoy these benefits too.

Here are 6 everyday skin-care tips for men.

1. Cleanse Daily

Find a gentle cleanser for your face that you can incorporate into your routine. This will remove dirt and oils that accumulate in the skin.   Activated charcoal, green tea leaf extract, and citrus oil are all fantastic naturally derived ingredients found in facial cleansers.

When cleaning your face, the water temperature is also important. Cleaning your face in the shower may seem like an easy way to save time, but extreme temperatures tend to be harsh on the face and may aggravate your skin. Water that is too warm can sap moisture from your skin, whereas icy cold water may be uncomfortable without offering any benefits. Wherever you wash your face, do so in lukewarm water to maximize the benefits of cleansing.


2. Moisturise

While cleansing is an important step for removing dirt, it can also remove essential moisture from the skin. A good face moisturizer can replace the moisture lost in cleansing, leaving you with softer skin.

If your moisturizer is irritating your skin, try seeking out moisturisers specifically designed for sensitive skin.

You should apply moisturizer at least once each day (after cleansing). If you feel your skin becoming dry later in the day, apply again at night just before sleep. Get your moisturiser for men now!


3. Take Care When Shaving

If you shave your face regularly, it’s important to understand the relationship between your shaving routine and your skin health.


In general, low-quality disposable razors tend to be duller, and you are likely to find yourself going over the same area multiple times just to remove stubborn hairs. This places a lot of pressure on the skin, causing cuts and ingrown hairs. If you’re using a manual razor, find one with a high-quality blade that gives you a close and smooth shave.

Cheap razors may seem appealing if you’re trying to save money, but investing in a good razor and high-quality blades can save you money (and pain) in the long term.

Do not Dry Shave

If you want to improve the health of your skin, it is very important to use a shaving cream or gel whenever you shave. This acts as a barrier to help prevent the razor from cutting the top of the skin, whilst reducing skin irritation and razor burn.


When you shave, your face is subject to harsh blades, and a layer of skin on the surface is removed. Applying aftershave lotion is a great way to reclaim moisture and softness for your skin.

4. Protect Your Skin from the Sun

A recent article published by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health suggested that most Australians are not applying enough sunscreen.

While the importance of sunscreen before a day-long outdoor activity is widely understood,   many Australians are also prone to incidental burning during everyday activities such as walking to the train station or gardening. Experts are now recommending that sunscreen should be applied when the UV levels reach above 3, even for short periods of time outdoors.

Protecting yourself from the sun decreases your risk of sun damage, which can result in redness and irritation and down the track can increase your risk of skin cancer.

5. Keep Hydrated

Drinking more water will help your skin get better. If you aren’t drinking enough water, it is likely that this will show in your skin. Just like our other organs, our skin is made up of millions of cells which need adequate water to properly function.

One common mistake is waiting until you feel uncomfortably thirsty, before drinking water. Instead, drink water regularly throughout the day, aiming for around 2L. This will help keep your skin fresh, minimising dryness and flakiness.

6. Eat Well

Many people are aware of how their diet affects their weight and their internal organs but don’t often consider how it impacts other aspects of their well-being, such as their brain, their sleeping patterns, and their skin.

Nutrition plays a critical role in skins health that should not be overlooked. Excessive consumption of sugar has been found to exacerbate acne and other skin conditions.

Meanwhile, some nutrients promote skin health. Lean proteins and fatty acids help maintain the skin’s barrier function, while vitamin C works to strengthen collagen, which helps to keep your skin looking younger.

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