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Understanding and Fixing Thinning Hair for Men

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Thinning Hair menStarting to observe changes with your hair? There is a high likelihood that you are not just imagining it. Among men, hair thinning is a common occurrence. In its early stages, it can manifest with a receding hairline. Though, you can also observe your hair volume getting lesser and eventually start to see your scalp.

Regardless of the reason of thinning hair men, the only thing you want to do is make it stop and reverse its effects. Who wouldn’t? Hair is a natural part of beauty and is one of the first things that is observed. Fortunately, hair thinning is not a life sentence. There are solutions, it is just a matter of knowing the cause.

Cause of Male Hair Loss

Hair loss mainly hits men. So, it really makes you wonder, why do men go bald? Is it something that men are more exposed to or is it something with the genetics of the gender? Apparently, it is a mix of everything. There is more than one cause for male hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness

The reason that hair thinning is more common among men is because of a hereditary condition commonly known as male pattern baldness. So, no matter what you do, how healthy your lifestyle is, your hair is going to gradually degrade and thin out. This is the most common cause of balding men at 95%.

There are different degrees and progression of the condition. Some are at a faster rate and could ultimately mean complete balding as the end stage. While others are less severe with the option for preventive treatment. So, there is no way to completely identify the condition by simply looking at the rate the hair is thinning. Instead, the best solution is to get a checkup.

Alopecia Areata

A rarely occurring condition, this entails that the immune system has the tendency to attack the hair follicles resulting to their deaths. It manifests with patches of hair falling out. It doesn’t just affect the head but hair located on different parts of the body as well. While it is uncommon, it is not impossible for you to have it.

Sudden Bodily Shock

When you are experiencing sudden changes on your environment or on yourself, the stress will cause excessive hair shedding. It can be from a traumatic experience, accident, surgery, sudden change in weight, or psychological distress. Fortunately, as long as the factors are removed, you are looking at 2 to 6 months of hair regrowth. However, there can be instances of hair not completely recovering to as they were.

Nutritional Deficiency

Your hair is just like any other part of your body, it requires constant nourishment. When it doesn’t receive the vitamins and minerals it needs, it can get malnourished which can lead to excessive hair fall.

How to Fix Thinning Hair

If you are looking for how to fix and hair loss treatment options, you need not look far and wide. Since it is a common issue among men, there are a lot of available solutions you can choose from.

Prescription and OTC Drugs

Currently, there are two approved and proven drugs that can help hair growth. It is Minoxidil and Finasteride. The former doesn’t need a prescription while the other does. They both treat balding and hair thinning, but it could take up to a year of constant usage for effects to start setting in. So, just be patient. Though, it would be wise to first consult a physician before you start using them.

Hair Transplant

If your scalp is at the advance stage of balding with completely dead hair follicles, your most probable choice would be hair transplant. Hair follicles are taken from a part of your head where there is an abundance of hair and then transplanted to balding areas.

Change of Lifestyle

When your hair loss is fueled by stress and an unhealthy diet, you should be concentrating on changing your lifestyle for the better instead. Smoking, for one, has severe detrimental effects on the body, from wrinkling of the skin to hair loss. You would also want to get a checkup to reveal any underlying condition like diabetes or anemia that could be playing a role in the thinning of your hair.

Should You Be Afraid of Thinning Hair?

Most men think that balding is the end of the road for their hair, that there is no solution. They have come to terms on how they would look. However, they couldn’t be any more mistaken. Balding and thinning hair is part of the male life cycle and just like any bodily issue, there is a solution and treatment.

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