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The World’s Strongest Vegan

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Who says that vegans can’t be strong? If you think that only a meat-based diet can give you protein and make you a strong man then you are wrong. Meet vegan strongman and The Game Changers star Patrik Baboumian. The Iranian strongman has won the title of Germany’s strongest man and has the world log lift record for 165kg lift.

Patrik loves taking things on the internet and often shares his strongman lifestyle and diet tips in his YouTube videos.

After a huge demand from his followers, the vegan strongman shared what he eats and training routine in this video. The video came out after he reached 20K subscribers on YouTube. As a thanksgiving, the world’s strongest vegan man shared his diet secrets with the world.

Patrick recommends not to follow the advice blindly and to choose the diet only as per individual’s needs. He says that he often updates and experiments with his vegetarian diet so what you see in the video is not all. However, this will still give you an idea of how a vegetarian diet can be customised to suit every lifestyle needs whether it is of an office professional or a strongman.

So, if you are planning to turn to a vegetarian or vegan then this should be a good motivational video for you.


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