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Proraso Wood & Spice Beard Balm – 100ml


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If you’re just starting to grow your beard, and experiencing itchiness or irritation, Proraso Wood & Spice Beard Balm will ease your discomfort. The balm moisturises the skin and facial hair, leaving it refreshed and hydrated.

Whilst Proraso Wood & Spice Beard Balm is ideal for stubble, it softens and soothes beards of all lengths, leaving the hair with just a touch of shine. The consistency is lighter compared to many other balms, making it easy to work all the way through to the skin beneath the beard.

The sophisticated, masculine fragrance comes from cedarwood and eastern spice, giving your beard an earthy, woody, spicy scent with just a hint of smokiness that you will still be able to enjoy several hours after application.

Only a small amount of Proraso Wood & Spice Beard Balm is needed as it spreads easily throughout the hair. Apply a coin sized amount to the beard and moustache and massage thoroughly.


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