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Milkman Furiously Nude Beard Oil


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If you prefer your beard oils unscented, then opt for Milkman Furiously Nude Beard Oil. The oil is fragrance-free and offers a multitude of benefits for your beard and skin. It contains all of the natural, conditioning ingredients of Milkman’s other beard oils, such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin-e oils.

These ingredients replace the natural oils that can be stripped from your beard through washing. The result is a welcome injection of moisture and nourishment for your beard, which will be apparent through the soft feel and lush glossy look that it is left with. The hair is also left tangle-free and easier to style.

Milkman Furiously Nude Beard Oil is recommended for anyone sporting facial hair, however it is particularly effective for those experiencing itching, dry skin, or beard dandruff. The botanical oils absorb all the way to your skin, providing it with the hydration it craves.


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