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Body Lotion and Moisturiser

Men’s Body Lotion and Moisturiser

Buy men’s Body Lotion and Moisturiser at Urbane Man.

When it comes to grooming, we usually think only of hair, beard and moustache but what about our skin? Skin is the largest organ on our body and yet we easily ignore it.

Dermatologist Vic A. Narurkar, MD, says, “Moisturizing your legs is particularly important and something many men don’t think about. Chronic dry skin, or xerosis, of the legs, can exacerbate eczema and cause the skin to turn rough, brownish, woody colour as you get older.”

Men’s body lotions at Urbane Man are moisturizers for the whole body and are essential to prevent dry, rough, itchy and uncomfortable skin. Delivery across Australia.

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