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How to tell if a Girl likes You

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how to tell if a girl likes you She likes me or not? Really, how to tell if a girl likes you or not?

Well, there is a whole lot of science behind it. But we will make it easy for you. In this article, you will find the answers. By the end of reading this article, you will be an expert in the science of figuring those clues your dream girl might be giving you. You miss it and you might lose the girl. 

Alright, so you are getting these signs from a girl and your gut feeling says maybe she likes you. Rings a bell?

But you are not so sure whether your gut feeling is right or is it just some sort of misunderstanding or illusion. This sends you on a searching spree to find an answer to the most salient question “how to tell if a girl likes you?”.

Many men believe it is so hard to understand women. Well, that’s because you are not yet adept in understanding those small clues or signs.

To help you guys out, we have done a lot of research around women behaviours, psychology and body language to find the answers for you.

It is a known fact that the males initiate the process of mating by making the advances for the coitus, whereas females have the authority to either accept or reject these advances. While homo sapiens share this kind of mating patterns with other mammalian species, in our case, it seems to be a wee bit complex and intertwined.  

Men send out visible overtures with their utterances like “Hello” or “Like to Go on A Date” or “Can We Go Out for a Lunch Today” etc. And women on their part, will either nod or reject these overtures. Woman is an ultimate decider on whether a man’s amorous overtures are welcomed or ignored.  

And in the most interesting cases, where men who fail to make a precise judgment on “Approaching Patterns” are branded as “BOORISH.” These categories of men become the Sly Creeps, only flabbergasting the fair sex beyond her point of conviction.  

In most ideal cases where a man is smart enough to understand the romantic needs of a woman, there’s still a fair chance that he lacks that special intuitive mind for understanding the social cues, which otherwise project the interest of the females. Such males do not make a right move at the right time, most obviously, what the real lady wants from him. 

Several men had realistic experiences, often terribly awkward ones, where women out rightly utter – “I had given you signals on many occasions, and you dumb headed did not respond to even a single one, why?”

At times there are those lucky chaps who pick up the interest of the woman of his type, for the simple reason that his woman is somewhat easy-going and determined. But, there are also tragic moments, when despite the fact that you made advancements in the right direction, the best she does is walks away without even passing an askance. 

On the off chance you face the obvious problems in knowing whether your “MOST PROBABLE” woman is attracted towards your romantic advances or not, here are a few sure-shot signals that you cannot afford to pass by:


The Woman Frisks Her Arms Quite Often – Understanding female body language is the most important to solve this riddle.

If the woman is preening herself or makes advances to you by frisking her arm or any of her other body part, it means that she is sending a strong signal of possible attraction. However, you don’t need to be flying on the jet engine. Maybe her advances show that she has an overtly friendly nature and likes doing it with everyone around. But if she is making the overtures only at you, definitely, she wants your babies. 


She Passes Smiles off and on – Well, out here the smiles should not be giggles. These smiles should be real, which means there should be a gleaning touch in her eyes. And the smiles should be recurrent but with pauses. Continuous smiling shows that she is internally happy, or maybe the environment around her is relaxing. 


She Asks Personal Questions – This signal brings a lot of Goosebumps, and you are on the right track. Definitely she is getting attracted to you, but the apple is not ripe to be eaten. Look out if she tries to be more personal.  The more personal questions he comes up with, the better it is going to be for you. Her interest in you and your life will grow more personal when she puts forth more personal questions. A few of these questions could be like… “What are your future plans?” “What do you like the most” “What is your favourite food” etc. 


Has she asked For Weekend Out? – The overture indicates that your wannabe likes to open up with you. But you need to stand at ease. There is nothing that shows that you have to frisk her in your arms. On the contrary, she wants to just pass her free time with someone, and that someone is you.  However, if she makes this overture repeatedly, definitely there is a cupid somewhere. You will see the things working out in your favour. 


She Likes to Show off Her Body to You –  Now this typical posture is a good indication that the girl wants to have your company and this company has to be a really serious one. Moreover, she wants you to be her partner and this is where you will find that she is really after your babies. But still, you have to keep the things pretty nice and clear. There are girls out there, who carry a bawdy appearance, and if you approach any of these girls, it is going to be a wholesome dark night forever. 


Does She Text You Frequently? If she is texting you often, it means that she is interested in you. She wants you to be really close to her. She also wants you to be in her special list. More importantly, she does not want you to be in the arms of anybody else. 

What’s the Verdict?

Love is a dicey game, and if you want to seriously figure out what the fair sex wants from you, a deep understanding of social signals has to be there. If you show any signs of social awkwardness, definitely your case will reach the point of rejection, and you list yourself in the category of a weirdo. Success comes with hard work and analysis. At every point, you have to closely analyse the trail of signals, before you pick up the right lady for a romantic date.   

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