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How to Grow Beard?   

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How to Grow Beard – Complete Guide

Want to know how to grow beard? There are a myriad of Aussie men looking for beard growth tips. This is why, we have compiled this “how to grow beard” complete guide for you. Everything you need to know about growing a beard is covered here.

Your genes and DNA has a major role to play in your beard growth. We can’t change our genes or DNA for the better beard, however, there are still some effective things you can do to help accelerate the beard growth. What you’re really trying to do with these beard growth tips mentioned in this guide is pretty much maximising your body’s potential for facial hair growth.

Beard gives a masculine personality and awesomely a great manly orientation.  However, growing a healthy beard is not as easy as it may seem. You need to look into various factors that will help you to enjoy bearded face and an astonishingly smart appearance. In this how to grow beard guide, we will look at various tips and products you can use for beard growth.

Wash Face & Beard Regularly

beard growth tips

There are many who still use usual hair shampoo for their beard, but the kinds of chemicals often used in hair shampoos available in market are highly damaging to facial hair. While effectively stripping out natural sebum oils to maintain your hair’s natural appearance, when it comes to keeping your beard healthy, natural oils are valuable to avoid it becoming drastically dry, frizzled out, and susceptible to further breakage and split ends.

As such, the specialist formula in Beard Shampoo and conditioner offers a gentle solution to maintaining the natural oils that your beard requires to keep clean and stay smooth.

The early stages of beard growth in particular also prove testing on your skin – as you produce more dead cells that get trapped in facial hair, causing irritation. At Urbane Man, our beard shampoo and conditioner soothes any irritated areas, helping to maintain moisture and untangle any knotted hairs. It also protects you from itching.

Beard Shampoo will go far in nurturing the skin underneath your facial hair while your Moisturiser or Oil gets to work on those follicles. Be sure to dig deep when massaging shampoo into your beard, extending beneath and down to your skin.

Wash your face twice a day to unblock hair follicles. Sprinkle warm water on your face and in the event that you haven’t begun your facial hair yet, knead delicately on the face.

In the event that you do have beard appearing, apply a gentle cleanser on simply the facial hair. Flush the chemical with a potential cleanser like cool, clean water, and later on pat your face dry with a delicate towel. Do this each morning and evening. If you’re still curious how to grow beard, keep reading.


Use Beard Products

After you are done with beard cleaning, apply the right beard product for hair growth such as beard oil and beard balm that are specially designed for facial hair care. If you wish to grow your beard, using beard products can do the trick in most cases. Using these products can provide the desired amount of nutrition to the facial skin and beard. Sometimes lack of moisture, skin or hair nutrition can play a big role in stopping your beard growth. Most beard products like beard balms and beard oils at Urbane Man store have essential oils, jojoba oil, Cocoa Butter Shea Butter and Beeswax. All these natural ingredients provides a healthy mix to your facial skin and beard that supports beard growth. 

So if you are searching how to grow beard, then beard products can help. In short, keeping beard and facial skin healthy can make a vital contribution in beard growth.


Take some beard oil and massage your beard with it so the beard oil equally spread all over the facial hairs. Now, use beard balm, put it on your palm, spread equally and apply to your beard.

Beard balms like the one below by Captain Fawcett is specially designed for beard health and growth. Beard balm comes with myriad of benefits and all of them directly or indirectly helps support facial hair growth.

For instance, beard balm prevents dandruff & itchiness in beard, gives volume to facial hair, helps in styling & taming it and helps make beard healthier. These balms also offer astonishing moisturising properties that penetrate the hair shaft, offering increased hair strength, damage repair, and even helps promote hair growth.

beard growth

Beard Balm (by Captain Fawcett)  Buy in SHOP>>

These beard balms are made with natural ingredients. For instance, this one above is a unique fusion of 5 base creams and exotic waxes along with 10 essential oils, qualify this handmade balm as a simply must have addition to any gentleman’s grooming arsenal. Supplied in an aluminium tin with a screw top lid.

The whole experience of opening these tin boxes, scooping out the balm and spreading on beard is a good experience in itself. The smell in these things is so awesome (purely designed for men!) that you are going to love it. It is not too strong and just enough to create a feel good factor. Using these beard products is actually a great experience.

You can also grab a beard grooming kit which already comes with all these essential beard products all in one free kit bag.

For instance, this advanced beard kit by Milkman comes with all you need as a bearded man:

  • King of Wood 2 in 1 beard shampoo and conditioner 200ml,
  • King of Wood beard oil 50ml,
  • Mini Styler pocket comb,
  • Boar bristle military beard brush,
  • Milkman beard Balm Beard Candy 60ml,
  • Milkman Affordable Beard Scissors,
  • Dopp bag (your choice of Black, Army Green or Navy Blue).

Trimming your facial hairs is not a bad idea to avoid mess and breakage. To keep things clean during hair trimming, grab a beard bib or apron.

Do Facial Back rubs

Back rub your face twice day by day to animate the follicles. Apply firm yet not difficult weight all over with your fingertips, at that point rub in little circles over your whiskers developing zone. Do the back rub for around 10 minutes, at least twice in a day.  Regular facial back rubs more likely invigorate the hair follicles and empower quicker whiskers development. And why not, it unquestionably feels better!

Unblock Hair Follicles

Wash your face as typical with sensitive chemical or cleanser, however, flush with warm water and leave your skin clammy. You can also knead your face gently using the exfoliant over your whole face (counting any facial hair), and then pat dry the face. This is quite an efficient way to clear the clogged pores and stimulate the growth of hair follicles and the result is an overgrown beard.

In fact, when you apply the shedding, all the dead cells will be cleaned up and this also helps in unblocking the hair follicles.

Still feeling little confused on how to grow beard?  Don’t worry. We still have a lot more tips for you. Keep reading.

Fix Skin Condition or deficiency (if any)

In some cases, it can be possible that a skin condition is slowing down down your beard growth.

Certain skin conditions like “alopecia” cause balding or hair loss. If you have symptoms of a skin condition, which likely affects your head as well as your hair, visiting a dermatologist could help. Your dermatologist can tell you the cause of lack of beard growth and can give you the right medications or supplements to fix your skin condition.

Once the skin condition is improved, you may see better beard growth.

In some cases, thin or slow-growing hair is the result of “hypothyroidism”, an underactive thyroid. However, this condition is more common among women over 50. Thin hair or hair loss can also be a symptom of an iron deficiency, or anemia.

There were some cases where some men kept looking for tips on how to grow beard but they never got any results. Later they found out that they actually had a skin condition that stopped them from facial hair growth. So, make sure this is not the case with you.

Take Supplements’ Help

If you are tired of searching and following tips on how to grow beard and still nothing is happening then supplements may be the solution for you. Though it is best to check with a professional for advice on this.

Unlike the hairs on your head, it’s hotly debated as to whether supplements can help strengthen the hairs on your face. And, while they certainly won’t generate any new hairs, it’s a good wager that vitamins will help thicken and soften the hairs that already exist, in addition to making your beard grow faster. Biotin is your best friend in this effort, which will also assist up top.

As many like you are searching for the methods to grow their beard faster, some supplement makers have taken matters in their own hand and prepared supplements to help the beard growth. These companies offer supplements and creams that promise thicker and fuller beards. However, most of them lack scientific credibility. So be careful before you go that path and do your research.

There’s some evidenceTrusted Source that vitamin D can activate hair follicles that have become dormant. B vitamins like B-12, biotin, and niacin can strengthen and help condition hair.

One such supplement — Beardalizer — promises to boost beard growth by providing nutrients like vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin A. Like hair supplements marketed toward women, these vitamins and minerals are said to produce thicker, healthier hair.

However, supplements can not magic products. If your body does not support beard growth at all and genetics doesn’t support then they may not work.

Make Lifestyle Changes

how to grow beard

Human body is the most advanced machine on earth and the more you understand it, more complex it becomes. Every single thing in human body is connected and if you take care of your overall health, you will see positive changes in all parts of your body.

Less stress, healthy diet, less smoking and alcohol are all part of healthy living. Try making a change in your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can help you with beard growth.

  • Reduce stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, while there’s not a simple yes or no answer, some hair loss could be related to stress.
  • Eat a healthy diet. A balanced diet will give your body all the nutrients it needs.
  • Get plenty of rest. The better sleep you get, the better your health.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking can also lead to hair loss, as one older study points out.
  • Take care of your skin. Figure out your skin type and stick to a skin care routine.
  • Be Consistent and Patient

The first thing that is required from you is patience. Your hereditary profile is more than important if you are serious to develop a thick beard, and you know it that there is very little you can really do anything on the hereditary issue.

Another significant fact is that while you can take measures to help the procedure, you ought to likewise acknowledge that your facial hair will develop in its own particular manner and at its own pace. There are people who think that normally cutting your facial hair will invigorate quicker development, however, this is nothing but a gimmick.

Brush Your Beard

how to grow beard

For the guys with big beards, it is important to brush brush your beard at the end of each day to ensure its health and tame-ability in the long haul.

Even better if you use the beard oil and then brush it. This helps to distribute the beard oil and even the natural oils produced in the skin, which otherwise collect at the base of the shaft and only nourish the bottom of each hair.

When you are going for beard growth, you must prevent breakage, frizzing, and split end. A softer option is beard comb. Brushing can help shape and sculpt your beard into place, but it’s a bit aggressive and more functional as an oil distributor. Instead, rely on a beard comb for any styling finishes.

Use only beard brush to untangle or straighten the beard hairs as they are specially designed for facial hairs.


Our body and genetics play a big role. You must keep your patience while the hairs grow but while you wait, there is a lot you can do to best support the beard growth. Using beard products and living a healthy lifestyle are some of the factors that can help boost beard growth. Follow the tips in this “how to grow beard” guide and hopefully you will be flaunting a very long manly beard sometime soon. Good luck!

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