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How To Cut Your Own Hair (Men) -Step By Step Tutorial

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how to cut your own hair men

Whether you want to cut someone else’s hair or cut your own hair, the idea of cutting hairs yourself can seem daunting. However, if you follow all of the steps and advice in this complete guide on how to cut men’s hair, including how to cut your own hair, you’ll find that it isn’t that difficult after all. That said, it is best to ask somebody else to help you to cut your own hair.

You will need clippers, hair-cutting scissors, a comb, and ideally trimmers. Set yourself up in front of the mirror, and have a hand mirror nearby for checking the back, particularly when cutting tour own hair.

Step 1

Firstly, obtain a clear picture of how the hair should look. Of course, the exact techniques of cutting will depend on the style that you want. Throughout the cut, pause to check if it is short enough and going to plan. 

Step 2

Clippers should always be used on dry hair. You can place the guard on the hair before you start cutting to get an idea of how much hair that guard will remove. However, if there’s any doubt at all in your mind then start with a larger guard – you can always take more off. 

Begin at the bottom of the hair, and move the clippers upwards, against the direction of hair growth. As you move up, curve outwards away from the head. Continue this around the head. When you get to the side, around the ear, move upwards to the temple area, but don’t go any higher. 

Step 3

Now it’s time to add some blending by going up by half a guard size. Imagine a line from the temple all around the side of the head. Without going above this line, trim the hair beneath it with the clippers on that slightly larger guard to blend. Continue this all around the head until you are happy with how the lower part of the hair looks.

Step 4

For novice barbers, it is easiest to use scissors to trim and blend the top of the hair. For this part, you will need to wet the hair evenly and comb it down towards the face. Use your fingers to gauge how much hair you want to chop, and then follow that line with the scissors all across the front. 

Next, take a section of the hair from the front to approximately one inch back, and cut all of the hair to the same length as those front pieces. You can then continue this with the rest of the hair, using the sections that you have cut as a guide for length. 

Step 5

You can now add some blending with the scissors, by taking sections of the longer clipped hair along with the hair that you have just cut with scissors and trimming in the straight line upwards.

Step 6

Next, you need to cross-check your work. Do this by taking small, horizontal sections all across the top of the head and ensuring that the length is even, trimming with the scissors if necessary. 

Step 7

Where the shorter, blended sections meet the longer hair, trim in a diagonal line down the head for further blending. 

Step 8

You can now use a trimmer to neaten up the hairline around the front, the neck, and the ears, and remove any unwanted neck hair, using a comb as a guard. 

If you’re still unsure, this video provides a fantastic visual aid of all of the techniques described:


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