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Handlebar Moustache – Full Guide on How to Grow & Maintain

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The handlebar moustache is a classic style that has regained its popularity in recent years. There are different types of handlebar moustache, allowing you to express your individuality and find one that is truly you. However, growing a handlebar moustache takes some time, effort, and styling. Read our full guide for everything you need to know.

What is a handlebar moustache?

The handlebar is actually a family that groups together a variety of similar moustache styles. However, all handlebar moustaches share common traits of being longer, larger moustaches that extend beyond the lips and curve upwards at the ends. This leaves some scope for you to experiment and find a handlebar style that suits you perfectly.

How to grow a handlebar moustache

Growing a handlebar moustache will require patience. It will most likely take a minimum of about three months for the moustache to reach the desired length, and you must resist the urge to trim the hair during this time, however tempting it may be.

The three-month growing period allows the inner hair to catch up with outer hairs, and it also gives you the opportunity to train the hair to grow in the direction that you would like it to go by combing or brushing as the hairs grow.

During this time you may need to use moustache wax to keep the hairs out of your mouth and tidy up the moustache. This will also help you to train the hairs and prevent them from drooping.

You will most likely experience some itchiness as you grow your moustache. Instead of giving up and shaving it off, try using some beard oil or beard balm to moisturise the hair and skin. Washing and combing the moustache regularly, and even using a mild exfoliating scrub will also help.

Growing phases

The process of growing a handlebar moustache can be divided into three stages, as outlined below.

  • Phase one: the initial growing phase. You are just beginning to grow your moustache, and it may be somewhat itchy. Follow the tips above, and the itchiness should ease within the first couple of weeks.
  • Phase two: the training phase. From about week two you may notice hairs sneaking into your mouth or tickling your lips. Resist the urge to shave, and instead begin training these hairs. Use a little wax to sweep them to the sides, training them to be your future handlebars.
  • Phase three: the styling phase. From about week six, you should have sufficient hair to begin styling. As mentioned earlier, your handlebar moustache most likely won’t be ready until the three-month mark. However, during this last phase, it is important to take care of your growing moustache by combing and washing, and continue to use wax to train the hairs, twisting them upwards at the ends.
  • Phase four: the maintenance phase. Once your moustache reaches maturity, and can finally be styled into handlebars, maintenance is essential. You will need to trim any excess hairs that don’t fit into the handlebar style – possibly those above the main part of the moustache. It is also important to continue washing, combing, and waxing your moustache.

Essential products for a handlebar moustache

Beard Oil to nourish your moustache, and Beard balm or moustache wax to shape and style your moustache.

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