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Growing trend of Men’s grooming products 2019

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men grooming trends 2019The men’s grooming market has become popular in many developed countries and soon will be shifting to the Asia-Pacific region. It refers to activities in which men put efforts into their personal fashion and beauty.  

This is a fast-growing market segment with a rising demand for skincare products, hair products, beard products, body cleansers, and beard products. The men’s personal market is expected to rise at 166 billion dollars by 2022 as per Allied Market Research. In 2018, sales of skincare products consumed by men increased by 7 %. 

The change in demographics, lifestyle, deeper consumer pockets, rising media exposure, and growth in the retail market are the reasons for an increase in demand for men’s health products. According to a report by Mintel, an average male spends 16 minutes on grooming the body, 14 minutes on his hair and 12 minutes on the face. 

The history of male grooming dates back to ancient Egypt, where archaeologists found copper razors and oil as the origin of grooming. The king of Macedon, Alexander the Great encouraged his soldiers to keep short and neat hairstyles. Le Roi Soleil, Louis XIV was more conscious of the fashion of his peers at court. 

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Urbane Man Product Guide

Products like beard shampoo,  beard oilbeard balmmoustache wax , beard comb and other beard products are good for beard care. Beard grooming kit is good for complete beard care pack and for gifts. You can also grab a beard bib if you like to avoid mess during beard trimming.

For facial skincare, products such as face moisturizer for men , Face mask , Face scrubanti aging cream for menBB cream for men or even Face tightening cream are good.


Consumers of these products are looking towards health-oriented products such as anti-residue rinse, dry-shampoo, cleansing conditions and other active health seeker products. 43% of people using men’s grooming lie within the age bracket of 18-25 years. There are only 1% of individuals that have refrained from using men’s grooming products.

 The reason for the increased consumption of men’s grooming products is due to the escalating indulgences of an urban middle-class. People use grooming products in order to project self-image, reduce the impact of aging, and boost physical attractiveness. Lifestyle determinants, social class and values have a big impact on consumers, as men’s products have become an essential luxury for men. 

These products assist people to cope with a deteriorating environment and protect their skin from UV rays, pollution and bacteria. Men’s products have earned a lot of endorsements by celebrities, actors and sportsmen.  There has been a drastic increase of beauty bloggers raising awareness about men’s care. This segment attracts a vast amount of retailers to design their stores to the needs of male consumers. Brick and mortar stores account for 80 % of the total sales in this category.  

This segment has attracted several startups to sell clean and organic products for men’s care. Both small firms and multinational corporations have tapped into the unmet needs of men and sparked growth and economic progress within this sector. The number of products for men is lower than for women but this gap will narrow over a period of time. 

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