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Double-Sided Beard Comb

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Trimming your beard is an essential part of beard maintenance that keeps your beard looking shapely and well-groomed. You might opt to visit the barber, but you can also achieve a perfectly shaped beard at home. That’s where the Double-Sided Beard Comb comes in to double up as a beard shaping tool.

The material is plastic, and the size is approximately 17cm by 11.5cm. Not only is it handy for combing through the facial hair to keep it clean, healthy, and looking tip-top, but the Double-Sided Beard Comb is ideal for trimming your beard.

Simply place on your face, and line up the specially designed curves and lines to use a template, before using your trimmer accordingly. Choose between a curve cut and a steep cut for the cheek line, and use the Double-Sided Beard Comb for perfect lines and symmetry.

After shaping your cheek lines, this nifty comb is also perfect for shaping the jaw line, neck line, sideburns, goatee, and moustache.


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