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Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax: Barberism – 15ml

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Captain Fawcett collaborated with Sid Sottung, founder and stylist of Nottingham’s Sid Sottung Academy to produce Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax: Barberism.

The wax has a timeless, masculine fragrance that comes from earthy base notes of patchouli, musk, and cedarwood, layered with middle notes of rose and galbanum, and zesty top notes of orange and lime. The result is an elegant, musky aroma that lingers on the hairs for hours.

It’s not just the scent that lasts all day – Captain Fawcett’s Barberism Moustache Wax is strong enough to keep your moustache in place right through until the evening.

Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax: Barberism is a paraffin based wax that comes in a screw-top aluminium tin. To apply, simply use the back of your fingernail to remove a small amount of wax. Rub between your finger and thumb to warm the wax, and it will melt nicely. Finally smooth into the moustache in an upwards, outwards motion.

1 review for Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax: Barberism – 15ml

  1. Jack

    Love using this wax to groom and tame my moustache. It keeps it in place all day, with a just the usual tweaking needed after eating and things. The smell is nice too and I can still smell it hours after using the wax. I never leave the house without this on my tache now.

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