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Captain Fawcett Private Stock Beard Oil


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Captain Fawcett Private Stock Beard Oil combines nourishing ingredients such as sweet almond, vitamin-e, and jojoba oils at its base to soothe, hydrate, and invigorate your facial hair and skin. The result is a much healthier looking beard that’s free of flyaways and frizz, with a glossier finish and softer feel.

The skin underneath the beard will be left moisturised, eradicating itchiness and assisting with dandruff.

Notes of cedarwood, black pepper, patchouli, and palmarosa create a delightfully elegant floral, woodsy scent that lingers on the beard for hours.

The wonderful effects of Captain Fawcett Private Stock Beard Oil can be enjoyed after just one or two uses, but we recommend using this oil daily for the best results. Use the pipette provided to accurately dispense a few drops, rub between your hands, and then apply to the beard. The oil quickly absorbs into the hair and skin, and begins to work its magic.


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