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Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

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So you’ve decided to grow a beard. It’s got some length to it now, and you need to start taking care of it. With a myriad of different products available, it can be a tad confusing for a novice. Luckily we’ve made up this handy beard oil vs beard balm guide with all the information you need to make the right decision for your beard.

Beard oil vs beard balm

This beard oil vs beard balm guide covers everything from what are beard oil and beard balm, to pros and cons, who should use which one, and our top picks for both products. 

So what is beard oil? As the name suggests, the product comes in a liquid form, and it can easily be applied throughout the beard to moisturise and condition the hair and the skin underneath.

Your beard will be left with a healthier appearance and softer feel. The nourishing effects also promote beard growth. The oil eliminates dryness, coarseness, itching, and dandruff by also hydrating the skin. This works best on short-medium length beards, due to the liquid consistency. It can also be beneficial for longer beards, however, it doesn’t offer any hold. 

beard care tips

There are plenty of awesome beard oils as you may have noticed in our beard oil Australia shopping page. If you are having trouble selecting one, try Captain Fawcett Private Stock to give your beard a healthier look and finish, with an elegant scent. This high-quality product is $65.95 for a 50ml bottle.  Alternatively, if you prefer your beard oils unscented, we recommend Milkman Furiously Nude, available at $32 for a 50ml bottle.

Moving on, let’s talk about beard balm. By contrast to oils, beard balms are more of a wax-like paste in consistency. Like beard oils, balms will moisturise the hair and skin, and soothe any itchiness. As the balm has a higher viscosity it takes longer to absorb, giving your beard longer-lasting moisture and increased shine.

For those with longer beards, balm is also handy for adding a light hold and taming fly-aways. It is also highly recommended for those with particularly dry skin.

There are plenty of awesome beard balms and our beard balm online shop has one of the largest and best collection of beard balms in Australia. If you need suggestion choosing one then try Bossman Brands Relaxing Gold ($36 for a 56g tub) for a sleeker, more nourished beard. We also highly recommend Milkman Spiced Vanille ($34 for 60ml) to help shape and condition your beard, leaving it with a delicious scent. This is also available in a handy travel size for grooming on the go.

So to make the decision: beard oil vs beard balm; you will need to take into account several factors. Consider the length of the beard and how much styling it requires. Think about your skin type – dryer skin may require balm, whereas this could be too hydrating for oily skin. Also, consider whether you prefer a glossier or more matte finish.

As both products offer different benefits, you may be wondering if you can use both. Yes, you can, just use a bit less of each than normal. Many bearded man use both beard oil and beard balm. After washing your beard or after shower, simply dry your beard, put beard oil, massage so the oil reaches to all parts of the skin beneath the beard and then apply beard balm for shaping. 

If, after reading all of the information on beard balm vs beard oil, you’re still unsure, the best solution is to buy both and try them for yourself.

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