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Beard Care Tips – All You Need to Know!

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If you are growing your first beard, you may just be starting to discover what type of facial hair you have and how much it differs from the hair on your head. Hair follicles on the body are not the same as those on the scalp, which is why many men with straight hair growing on their heads find that their beards are curly.

If there is a type of hair that is hard to maintain, it is going to be a beard. It is thicker and curlier than the hair you would find on your head. As a result, if you want to boast a beautiful one, it is going to take some routine maintenance.

Though look no further, here are 10 tested and proven tips on how to grow, groom and maintain your beard. 


Be Patient, Let the Hair Grow

There are a lot of fallacies circulating on the internet on how to grow your beard. You might have heard some of them, such as shaving so that it grows thicker and so many more. It is understandable that you would want a beard to grow as soon as possible. However, the best way to grow it, is to let it follow its natural path.

The more you disrupt the natural growth of your beard, the less likely it will reach its full potential. You might end up having frizzy hair just from repeated shaving and styling while it was still short. So, keep your patience and let it grow healthily until it reaches a stable condition.

Use a Quality Trimmer

When it is finally time to shape and style your beard to your liking, use a great trimmer. It actually makes a huge difference. When you are using one that isn’t sharp, it might be pulling your hair instead of cutting. 

Also, don’t forget to maintain your trimmer. If it gets too dirty, it can potentially affect the cut and condition of your beard. Remember that when it is not cutting right, it can lead to split ends and that is not something good to look at. 

Wash Your Beard Regularly

It is a given that washing is a necessity, but are you doing it right? Letting water flow through it as you take a shower isn’t enough. As a matter of fact, rinsing it alone doesn’t do much. Just like the hair on your head, you need to use some product.

Find the right kind of cleanser for you. It will clear your beard of any grease and remnants that could result to damage and itching. Also, the skin is as important as the hair. So, make sure to reach deep down the roots.

Don’t Skip the Beard Oil

As mentioned earlier, beards can be the hardest to maintain. So, you are going to need more than one product in some cases. One that you should never forget is beard oil. You apply it after washing to provide the nutrients and protection that your beard needs. 

You Might Want to Use Beard Balm

Beard balm functions almost the same as beard oil. It provides the necessary protection and nutrition that the hair needs. However, if you want to style your beard as well, balm allows you to do that. So, when you are going out, don’t settle with the typical styling gel when you can use balm that continuously nourishes your beard.

Brush Regularly

Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics. Forget about all the products, when you are not brushing your beard, it is never going to look good. 

When you brush, you untangle your hair which leads to more volume and a softer feel. It naturally distributes the oil on your hair for better-uniformed nourishment. Lastly, it frees up potential dirt that got stuck.

Beard Softeners are Your Best Friend

It is common to find your beard too rough and hard. When that happens, brushing can get difficult which could lead to split ends and hair breakage. Fortunately, there is a way to soften your beard with the help of a softener. They work like hair conditioners. You apply them while taking a bath and then rinse it all off. 

Mustache Wax for Long Lasting Style

No matter how great your hair is, if it isn’t styled properly, it is going to look frizzy. So, when you are heading out, make sure that you have shaped your beard the way you like it. However, with the elements, it can gradually lose its form. 

To keep your beard in style, you only need one thing and that is wax. It provides a much stronger hold that can last you throughout the day. 

Give It a Little Massage

You might have thought that massages are only good for the muscles, but it is also beneficial for the hair. The effects closely resemble that of regular hair brushing. It results to softer hair and more volume. When you make sure that you are massaging your skin and muscles as well, you are stimulating healthier hair growth.

Your Diet is Important

Hair care extends beyond caring for the hair itself. If you want better growth, you are also going to need to take care of your body. Where does the hair grow? From your skin and body, emphasizing the importance of what you eat and drink. 


Your beard can be the highlight of your facial features as long as you can pull it off. Most people think it is difficult, but in reality, it is just a matter of regular maintenance. As long as you know what you are doing and you are doing it right, you will have a healthy and soft beard. 

One thing that is for certain is that your beard will be a different texture from the hair on your head.

Being a bearded man is a matter of pride and if you are one of those who are looking how to grow beard tips then you must checkout our blog section for exclusive tips by our experts.

Here are some care and style tips for straight, wavy and curly beards.

Straight Beards

One benefits of straight beards are that they grow more quickly. In the same timespan, a straight beard will have grown on average 3 times as long as a curly beard. They are also a lot simpler to manage day-to-day and can be easily combed without too much hassle.

On the other hand, men growing straight beards are more likely to experience thin patches early on. These patches will eventually fill in and are likely more noticeable to you than to onlookers. However, if you are growing a straight beard and want to create a fuller look, there are some styling practices that can help.


Trim the sides

Making your beard shorter on the sides can highlight its length. If your beard is patchy further up, create a sharper edge by bringing the line further down your cheek. This helps to create the impression of a fuller beard while it is in the earlier stages of growth.

If you aren’t feeling completely confident about this process, consider visiting a barber.

Once they have shaped your beard and created the right lines around the edges, you will have something to work from the next time you want to trim your beard at home.


Use a Beard Brush

Brushing your beard is a quick and simple way to lift the hairs and give it the illusion of volume. Beard brushes are specifically designed for facial hair, and you should not expect to get the same results with a regular brush.

Apply Beard Balm

Beard balms are an excellent styling aid and can help you achieve a more dense look with your beard, even in its patchy phase. The ingredients in beard balm work to hold your beard style in place. For best results, use a beard brush after applying beard balm – this will hold the shape created through brushing and help minimise the appearance of patchiness.


Wavy Beards

With the right care, beards that are wavy – somewhere between straight and curly- can be a wonderful and unique look. If you have a wavy beard, you should start to notice after around one month of growth.


Brush and Comb

Be careful to avoid tearing any hears out while you are managing and grooming your beard. Brush gently using a beard brush, and if necessary, use a comb to carefully untangle any knots.


Let it Grow

Wavy beards often look great with fairly natural styling, but initially, they may appear to be growing in all kinds of different directions, sometimes creating an asymmetrical look. In many cases, this is something that will subside as your beard becomes longer.

Allow your beard to grow for approximately 13 weeks before attempting to “fix” or reshape it.


Curly Beards

Made up of spiral growing hairs, curly beards are generally thicker and appear fuller. These beards do require more time and energy to maintain, compared with straight or wavy beards.


Shampoo Condition

While washing is critical for all beards, it is a particularly important step when it comes to taming a curly beard. Washing your beard every 2-3 days with a specially designed beard shampoo and conditioner will make the hairs easier to manage and trim.

Do not wash your beard with soap or regular shampoo as this can strip your beard from essential oils, drying it out.


Apply Beard Oil

Applying beard oil daily will help you achieve a smoother, softer and less wiry beard that is easier to tame and style to your liking. It also stops itching and helps to prevent beard dandruff.

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Apply beard oil to damp, towel-dried hair and use a comb to spread it evenly. After you have spread the oil through your beard, comb downward into your preferred style.


Trim Your Beard

Curly beard hair requires more frequent trimming than straight beard hair in order to look tidy. However, in the earlier stages of growth, a curly beard can take more time to fill in and take its shape.

After approximately 3 months you will have a better idea of what you are working with and can develop a proper beard trimming routine.

Trimming every couple of weeks is ideal for curly beard hair. Use quality beard trimming tools and ensure your beard is dry before trimming so that you have an accurate idea of length.

Don’t forget to use a beard bib to avoid making a mess 🙂

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