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Baxter of California Beard Comb – 3.25″


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This classy little comb is the good thing that comes in small packages. The quality of the Baxter of California Beard Comb is exceptional, and it’s all due to the manufacturing process.

The combs are handmade in Switzerland. Each one endures a detailed 12-stage manufacturing process from cutting to polishing – all carried out by hand. The material is superior quality cellulose acetate sheets, which is a naturally modified polymer that comes from cotton and tree pulp cellulose.

The Baxter of California Beard Comb features rounded tips and smoothly tapered teeth for maximum grooming care and comfort. As a result, you can comb away to your heart’s content without scratching, snagging, or damaging the skin or hair.

At 3.25 inches, the Baxter of California Beard Comb is small yet mighty. It is a fantastic everyday grooming comb, ideal for shaping, taming, and untangling your beard. It is suited to all different hair types, but it is best suited to short – medium length beards.

Due to the smaller side, it is also perfect for use on the moustache, sideburns, and eyebrows. As an added bonus, it is also compact enough to carry in your pocket for grooming on the go.


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