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Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About His Diet and Workout – Age 70+

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About His Diet and Workout – Age 70+

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the name that comes in mind every time we think of the world’s top bodybuilders. However, he is much more than that, a politician, actor, filmmaker, businessman, author, former professional bodybuilder and an idol for millions for fitness enthusiasts.

After much demand, Arnold decided to give us a tour of his house, the content of his fridge and how his workout looks like.

Winning Mr. Olympia is a dream for many bodybuilders and Arnold has won the title 7 times. He began lifting weights at the age of 15. At the age of 20 he won the Mr Universe title. Today we will go on a tour with Arnold Schwarzenegger to see what’s in his fridge and how his workout looks like.

Some of the interesting things to note in Arnold’s diet are the tart cherry juices that Arnold add to his smoothies. The tart cherry juice can help reduce the joint pain and inflammation which is very useful for heavy weight lifters. He also puts the whole egg in his smoothies including eggshell which is believed to give extra calcium.

Arnold loves almond milk and adds it in most of his smoothies. He is trying to cut out all the sugar products and bread from his diet.

He says he is much more careful nowadays compared to the days when he was younger because that’s when you could get away with a lot of things like drinking alcohol. Now he focuses on oatmeal, fruits and vegetables and tries to stay away from meat and animal protein. Ironically, this reminds me of his dialogue in a movie where he tried to taunt his rival by saying “You hit like a vegetarian”!

In the end, the key is for every calory you take in, you gotta burn it. Never forget this rule of fitness and key of a healthy fit body.

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