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Advanced Beard Care Kit


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It can be difficult to suss out which beard products you need, and even more so if you’re shopping for someone else. Luckily the experts have taken the guess work out of it by putting together this Advanced Beard Care Kit, which makes a perfect gift for any bearded man.

The Advanced Beard Care Kit includes everything you need to keep your beard looking fresh.

          King of Wood 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner 200ml, specially formulated to nourish the beard.

          King of Wood Beard Oil 50ml. This is excellent for moisturising the beard and the skin beneath, eliminating itchiness and assisting with dandruff, as well as making your beard smell amazing.

          Mini Styler Pocket Comb. An essential to keep your facial hair looking awesome wherever you go.

          Boar Bristle Military Beard Brush. Ideal for everyday beard maintenance, as well as brushing through beard oils and balms.

          Milkman Beard Balm Candy 60ml. This is excellent for controlling shape and reining in flyaways, whilst smoothing and conditioning the beard.

          Milkman Affordable Beard Scissors. For trimming those stray hairs.

          Dopp Bag in your choice of Black, Army Green, or Navy Blue.


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