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7 Grooming Tips for Men

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Good grooming habits are essential for men wanting to make a good impression, whether it’s in a professional, social or romantic setting.

Here are 7 simple, affordable and versatile grooming tips for men.


1.   Maintain Your Hair Style

Hair Cuts

The ideal length of time between visits to the barber should depend on your hairstyle. Short-medium hairstyles take 3-4 weeks before they become visibly messier. Longer hairstyles can usually last 6-12 weeks.

For a close shaved style, a good rule of thumb is to shave your head as often as you shave your face. If you are in the process of growing your hair into a much longer style, it’s still important to have your hair trimmed throughout your hair growing journey, in order to avoid damage and split ends.


Urbane Man Product Guide

Products like beard shampoo,  beard oilbeard balmmoustache wax , beard comb and other beard products are good for beard care. Beard grooming kit is good for complete beard care pack and for gifts. You can also grab a beard bib if you like to avoid mess during beard trimming.

For facial skincare, products such as face moisturizer for men , Face mask , Face scrubanti aging cream for menBB cream for men or even Face tightening cream are good.


Hair Care

If you are looking for a shiny and slick appearance, consider a hair shampoo for men and best hair conditioner for men.

For more conditioning and styling hair gel for men can be good. For strong hold product, a good pomade generally has a stronghold and provides the hair with added moisture. Pomade is ideal for men trying to control thicker or curlier hair, as well as those aiming for a more classic style.

The best time to apply pomade is after a shower after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Give your hair a good towel-dry, apply some pomade to your hands, rub them together, and start running the product through your hair.


Styling Wax

Hair wax for men is an option if you’re looking for a low-shine product with medium hold. Waxes are a quick way to add a lot of texture to your hair and are ideal if you are going for the ‘messy’ look. Waxes are also water soluble and can be easily washed out.


2. Tend Your Facial Hair

Beard and Stubble

If you have a beard, make sure you are regularly trimming and shaving it, keeping the hairline distinct and around an inch above your Adam’s apple. Throughout the day, keep your beard moisturised with balm or oil. Products like beard oil, beard balm, moustache wax  and other beard products. Or, if you’re going for a clean-shaven look, make sure that you are using the right razors for your skin’s sensitivity.

Being a bearded man is a matter of pride and if you are one of those who are looking how to grow beard tips then you must checkout our blog section for exclusive tips by our experts.

Nose Hair

Taming your nose hair is a simple grooming practice that goes a long way. A painless way to do this is to trim them using scissors, or a nose hair trimmer. There are a number of 3-in-1 products available, designed for trimming ear, eyebrow and nose hairs. If you want a more long-lasting removal of your nose hairs, a good set of tweezers will pluck them out at the root.


3. Look After Your Skin

Wash Your Face

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and oil. Find a cleanser that suits your skin type and avoid harsh soaps on your face. If your cleanser is causing dryness, follow up with a moisturiser – one specifically designed for the face- to re-hydrate your skin. Use products such as face moisturizer for men , Face mask , Face scrub, anti aging cream for men, BB cream for men or even Face tightening cream. Each individual is different, chose the product that your skin requires and use as per your need.

Take Cooler Showers

Many men wash their face in the shower with the water running at a hot temperature, which dries out the skin. Try turning the temperature down a notch, or several if you are cleaning your face in the shower. There are numerous affordable men’s body washes available at your local supermarket which contain hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera or olive oils.


4. Have a Routine for Oral Hygiene


Your smile is likely to be one of the first things another person notices about you. It’s important to keep your teeth clean, brushing them at least twice each day.

Don’t hold on to an old toothbrush with frayed bristles. You should ideally be replacing your toothbrush (or toothbrush head if you’re using an electric toothbrush) every 3-4 months, or sooner if it is wearing out. It is also recommended to replace your toothbrush after colds or other illnesses.


There are a number of factors that can cause bad breath, and some men are simply more prone to bad breath than others. If you suffer from bad breath, consider using mouthwash, fresh breath toothpaste, or a tongue cleaner. Carrying cool mints or essential peppermint oil is other great ways to keep your breath fresh throughout the day.


5. Trim Your Nails

Keep your fingernails and toenails tidy with a standard nail kit. Generally, trimming your fingernails every 1-2 weeks and your toenails every 6-8 weeks is considered good grooming practice. Runners and other athletes should trim their toenails more often, so as to avoid bleeding beneath the nail.


6. Keep Yourself smelling Fresh

How you smell is a significant part of your personal style. These products can help.


There’s no harm in switching deodorants every now and then to figure out what works best for you. Apply deodorant underneath your arms after showering for best results. If you are prone to sweating more than the average guy, a combined antiperspirant and deodorant for men may be ideal for you.



A fragrance isn’t for everyone, and it is by no means a mandatory part of day-to-day grooming. But if you’re looking to make a lasting impression at a job interview, or on a date, using a cologne for men can be a powerful piece of detail.

Take into account what you are using the product for. A perfume is highly concentrated, meaning it will be more expensive but will last up to 24 hours, whereas Eau de Parfum will last 5 to 8 hours. A cologne is composed of 2-4% perfume oils and will last for around 2 hours. Eau Fraiche, containing 1-3% perfume oil lasts less than one hour.

When it comes to choosing which scent you prefer, use fragrance cards to get an initial idea before spritzing your wrists with the tester bottles. Take into account how the scent develops over time. A good rule of thumb is to have one fresher fragrance for the warmer months and a spicier or woodier scent for the winter.


7. Wash Your Feet

Men often neglect their feet – particularly if they spend most of the week wearing closed in shoes. But the areas between the toes are especially susceptible to a build-up of bacteria, which can lead to conditions such as Athlete’s foot. This can be avoided by regularly washing your feet – including between your toes- and drying them thoroughly before putting on closed in shoes.

The bottom of the foot also builds up a lot of dry, dead skin cells, so it’s a good idea to scrub over this area at least once each week. This will take a maximum of two minutes and will leave you with cleaner, more pleasant feet.

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